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Who we are

Dreamers & Castles (Nigeria) Limited provides enterprise document digitization services. We help businesses and organizations gain control of their mission-critical documents and information, in other to eliminate any form of downtime in their line-of-business processes, thereby driving organizational digital transformation.

Leading and successful organizations make business decisions at the speed of thought. They achieve this by leveraging on optimized business processes, which are powered by a prompt delivery of information to downstream systems and workflows.

Paper is a big drawback to managing efficient business processes. Businesses miss out on mission-critical information locked away in unsorted and non-digitized business documents, leading to inefficient processes and an adverse impact on the bottom-line. The volume, velocity, and variety of paper that organizations need to manage, share, store, preserve and archive is alarming.

By enhancing their information capture and management processes, organizations can make decisions quickly, improve efficiency, reduce risk and attain business objectives.

Dreamers & Castles (Nigeria) Limited offers document digitization services and sales of production document and book scanners.

We also deploy enterprise document management solutions for an end-to-end document management, that simplify information capture, search, retrieval, approval, security, access control, and preservation.

We offer innovative solutions and services using cutting-edge technologies to solve our clients’ document management challenges.
Driving digital transformation is our passion.

Our Vision

Becoming a leading provider of enterprise digital document-centric solutions and services.

Our Mission

To help businesses gain quick access to their mission-critical information, by transforming their paper-based information into digital content, that is ready for prompt usage in their line-of-business processes.

Core Values

We are driven by these values daily to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.

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