2A0 Flatbed Scanner VERSASCAN 36100

A true XXL Flatbed Scanner!

  • Scanning range above 2A0
  • Very high optical resolution
  • Extremely high scanning speed
  • Free of IR and UV radiation
  • Virtual 3D technology (V3D)
  • Bidirectional scanning

The VERSASCAN 36100 is a unique double A0 flatbed scanner with an enormous scanning length of 2540 mm. It is ideal for scanning very long oversize originals.

Renowned users around the world utilize the VERSASCAN 36100 to fulfill their special needs. VERSASCAN is a household name in archives, libraries, and the private industry around the world. It features very high optical resolution and high productivity at the same time.

The VERSASCAN 36100 double A0 flatbed scanner comes with V3D – a new scanning technology which allows users to scan many different types of originals. It offers the capability of digitizing structured surfaces such as wood, rubber, plastic, fabrics, carpet, and many more types of materials. Finally, light-reflecting items such as coins, seals, and metal prints can be captured at the highest quality.

The V3D technology presents new opportunities as it can be applied to materials outside the normal archive and library world. V3D stands for VISUAL 3D. It is a newly designed scanning technology that produces results that look like 3D. The process is based on different lighting scenarios where the same area is being captured with several different lighting angles on the fly. The software then combines the separate images into one image. As a result, V3D images offer perfect reproductions of nearly any structured surface.

In addition, it increases the depth of field significantly. This approach is unique and raises the outstanding image quality of SMA scanners to another level. The V3D function can be disabled and regular 2D scanning can be performed.

Operating the VERSASCAN 36100 double A0 flatbed scanner is as easy as operating a photocopier. Open the lid, place the document, close the lid, and hit the scan button – that’s it! Alternatively, the scanner can conveniently be operated via footswitch.

SMA is the only company in the world that offers a full line of large format flatbed scanners varying from A1+ to double A0+ as well as a line of manual and robotic book scanners.

All flatbed scanners are suitable for scanning large and fragile originals that do not require a book cradle or cannot be handled by a feeder. Due to its newly designed roll-away mount it is easy to move the scanners around – regardless of their size. Simply unlock the flatbed scanner, fold it up, and off you go. Alternatively, a motorized height adjustment is available in order to accommodate different working positions.


  • Scan format 914 x 2450 mm
  • 600 dpi optical resolution over the entire scan area
  • 48-bit color depth
  • IP scanner with individual IP address
  • Scanner is foldable with rollable base
  • Also available with motorized height adjustment


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