Canon imageFORMULA CR-190i II Series

Reliably scan cheques, vouchers and coupons at speeds of up to 190 items per minute thanks to the large capacity feeder, advanced image processing, built-in imprinter and cheque alignment jogger.

  • Efficient batch processing with 250-sheet feeder and 190cpm scanning speed
  • Minimise errors with reliable character recognition including simultaneous magnetic ink (MICR) and optical (ORC) reading
  • Maintain accuracy with one-button cheque-stack alignment using the built-in jogger unit
  • Print endorsements while scanning with the built-in imprinter
  • Help prevent cheque fraud with UV sensors (UV model only)

Versatile, high-speed scanning

Enjoy fast, efficient and reliable batch scanning of cheques, vouchers and coupons with the Canon imageFORMULA CR-190i II. Banks and retailers will find its accurate scanning, at speeds of up to 190 cheques per minute, offers a great way to increase productivity in back office workflows.

Convenient one-button cheque alignment

Save the time of manually aligning batches of cheques prior to scanning, or the cost of a separate unit, with the built-in cheque jogger. It aligns cheques in the CR-190i II’s feeder before scanning, ensuring that all your MICR data is read accurately.

Precise MICR reading

You’re assured that cheque data will be read correctly first time, with 99.999%* read accuracy, thanks to the scanner’s Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) supported by simultaneous Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

Advanced image processing

Capture both printed and handwritten text accurately every time. Fine Text Filtering technology significantly reduces unwanted noise from patterned document background colours or images.

Reliable feeding

Reduce misreading and omissions with the high capacity 250-sheet document feeder that offers ultrasonic double feed detection. To keep your workflows even more efficient, scanned cheques can be sorted into three output pockets, based on MICR and OCR data.**

Effortless imprinting

Quickly and easily print endorsement on the back of cheques while scanning using the built-in imprinter. Up to four 48-character lines of text, as well as bitmap images, can be printed in high quality in just a single motion, helping you sustain a high standard of productivity.

Smart UV scanning

For added flexibility, choose the dedicated UV model (CR-190i II UV) that includes built-in UV sensors for scanning anti-fraud patterns printed on cheques. UV scanning enables you to easily capture two images simultaneously: a black-and-white (or greyscale) image and a UV image – all at the consistently high speed of 160 cheques per minute.

Simple integration

Easily integrate your CR-190i II with a range of scanning applications using the bundled software drivers: Canon Scanning Utility, Canon ISIS/TWAIN driver and a driver based on Silver Bullet Technology’s Ranger Transport API software. Application developers can take advantage of the SDK to create custom capabilities.

* Based on Canon testing
** Depending on the capabilities of the application used


Models CR-190i II CR-190i II UV (with UV sensor)
Type Cheque Scanner with automatic sheet feeding
Interface Hi-Speed USB 2.0
Daily duty cycle Approx. 24,000 scans/day
Dimensions (WxDxH) 476 x 272 x 214mm
Weight (Kg) Approx. 8.4Kg
Scanning sensor unit CMOS CIS
Optical resolution 1200dpi
Light source CR-190i II – RGB LED CR-190i II UV – RGB LED and UV LED
Cheque alignment Built-in jogger ( aligns front and bottom edge)
Black and white speed CR-190i II – 190cpm (cheques/min) CR-190i II UV – 190cpm (160cpm in UV mode)
Colour speed N/A
Output resolution 100dpi, 120dpi, 150dpi, 200dpi, 240dpi, 300dpi Up to 200dpi in UV mode (CR-190i II UV)
Output mode Black and White Error Diffusion Fine Text Filtering Greyscale (16 and 256-level) UV scan (CR-190i II UV)
Special features Deskew Auto Page Size Detection Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection Colour Dropout (R/G/B)
Width 68 – 108mm
Length 120 – 245mm
Thickness and weight 0.08 – 0.2mm 64 – 157g/m²
Scanning side CR-190i II – Simplex / Duplex CR-190i II UV – Simplex / Duplex / Front only in UV mode
Paper separation Corrugation Retard Roller Method
Feeder capacity 250 sheets or 25mm stack
Windows ISIS/TWAIN Driver for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 Canon Scanning Utility Ranger Driver
OCR E13B/ OCR-A/ OCR-B/ Cheque Writer/ Universal Character
SDK CR-SDK / CR-SDK.NET / Ranger (Ranger API) Available through Canon Business Solutions Developer Programme –
Power requirements AC220 – 240V (50/60Hz)
Power consumption Scanning: 49W or less Sleep Mode: 2.7W or less
Operating environment Temperature: 10 – 32.5°C Humidity: 20 – 80% RH
Environmental compliance RoHS and ENERGY STAR
Consumables Exchange Roller Kit Ink Disposal Tank Black Ink Cartridge for imprinter: PG-545 / PG-545XL / PG-445 / PG-445XL
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