Contactless Scanner EPIC 4870

Probing New Horizons!

  • Contact free scanning
  • Scanning range above 2A0
  • Very high optical resolution
  • Extremely high scanning speed
  • Free of IR and UV radiation
  • Virtual 3D technology (V3D)
  • Bidirectional scanning

SMA proudly presents the Contactless Scanner EPIC 4870. It is the latest design in the market to digitize originals face up without the intervention of a glass plate so contactless scanning is possible.

The Contactless Scanner EPIC 4870 comes with V3D technology, a new scanning technology which allows users to scan many different types of originals. It offers the capability of digitizing structured surfaces such as wood, rubber, plastic, fabrics, carpet, marble, glass, and many more types of materials. Finally, light-reflecting items such as coins, seals, and metal prints can be captured at the highest quality. The V3D technology presents new opportunities as it can be applied to materials outside the normal archive and library world.

V3D stands for VISUAL 3D. It is a newly designed scanning technology that produces results that look like 3D. The process is based on different lighting scenarios where the same area is being captured with several different lighting intensities on the fly. The software then combines the separate images into one image. As a result, V3D images offer perfect reproductions of nearly any structured surface. In addition, it increases the depth of field significantly. This approach is unique and raises the outstanding image quality of SMA scanners to another level. The V3D function can be disabled and regular 2D scanning can be performed.

SMA is the only company in the world that offers a full line of large format flatbed scanners varying from A1+ to double A0+ as well as a line of manual and robotic book scanners. With the addition of a contactless scanner, SMA widens its product range further.

All flatbed scanners are suitable for scanning large and fragile originals that do not require a book cradle or cannot be handled by a feeder.

The book scanners are designed to handle large and thick bound originals utilizing a pressure sensor controlling the book cradle. The new SMA EPIC 4870 was created to digitize structured surfaces contact-free. All SMA scanners offer the highest possible optical resolution in the market – in particular in large sizes such as A0 and above.

Operating the Contactless Scanner EPIC 4870 is easy and straightforward. The object table can be removed and rolled around freely. This comes in handy in particular when the original to be scanned is large and/or heavy. Simply roll the table to the object, place it on the table, roll the table back to the scanner and plug it in. Now you can hit the scan button and the rest of the process is fully automatic.

The optical scanning unit moves downwards until the optimal position is reached. A laser grid system constantly monitors the surface of the original and stops the cameras once it has reached its scanning position. All SMA scanners are equipped with a special LED light illuminator that does not produce any ultraviolet or infrared radiation. Harmless and uniform illumination is guaranteed. The illuminator of all SMA scanners is located inside the scan head and is simply moved across the original. As a result, all SMA scanners can be operated independently from ambient light and do not irritate the operator‘s eyes.

SMA scanners were designed for applications where speed is an issue. The utilized scanning and interface technology guarantee the highest possible productivity. Further, the capability of scanning bidirectionally cuts the mechanical impact in half and increases productivity further. It doesn’t get any faster than that!

Our line of scanners is equipped with a unique scan engine Made in Germany. It provides high-quality images based on state-of-the-art technology. Bitonal, greyscale, or color images can be produced with a resolution of up to 1200 PPI. All our scanners achieve a very high geometrical accuracy.

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