Finger Print Gel Scanner

The fingerprints and palm prints gel digitizer manufactured by Microtek is able to identify images of fingerprints and palm prints with dust, occult blood, and oil. It is adopted with linear scanning technology which can capture mirror images and then reverses black and white. It takes about 12 seconds to form a gel image in a standard size. The digitizer supports gel size up to 130 x 180 mm. By using it together with a gel carrier and the frame around to fix the gel, the digitizer is able to capture an image size up to 118 x 165 mm. The resolution of the digitizer is 500 dpi which meets the Level 2 standard of fingerprints identification. The digitizer is exclusively designed for the use of identifying biological evidence and criminal investigations

Scan, Frame to Select, Save, and Review in Easy and Convenient Ways
Microtek’s Scan-H880 is a new and advanced lifter capturing system which is exclusively designed and developed for recording fingerprints and palm prints on black gel lifters. It is equipped with a long-life LED and linear CCD. Using it together with software that can capture images rapidly and is adopted with selectable angles for projected light and adjustable exposure time, uses can get better images. Scan-H880, with an easy-to-carry size, can be used together with a tablet and portable charger conveniently, allowing users to capture fingerprints and palm prints on-site and thus enhancing work efficiency.

Dedicated MiFP Capturing Software

  • Easy to learn and operate user interface
  • The captured image comes with reference scales
  • Automatically mirror and invert the captured images
  • Each fingerprint can be cropped and saved separately into database
  • Selectable angles for projected light and adjustable exposure time
  • Up to four customized scan settings for future use




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