• One touch scanning
  • Scan wirelessly to PC, Mac, iOS or Android mobile devices
  • Battery powered
  • Scan a color document in 5.2 seconds
  • Dual Scan for scanning two small documents at the same time
  • Auto two page stitching for scanning documents larger than A4
  • Built-in GI microprocessor
  • Best experience with ScanSnap Home
  • Conventional software ScanSnap Manager also available
  • Connect to ScanSnap Cloud without the PC

The ScanSnap iX100 is dramatically compact battery powered ScanSnap. Whether scanning receipts, contracts, recipes, or plastic cards, the iX100 takes scanning beyond the desktop and into your mobile world. Completely wireless and weighing only 400 grams, the iX100 brings mobility and wireless scanning to your PC or Mac as well as iOS or Android device.

Change paper into valuable information with a touch of the button
The ScanSnap iX100 builds on ScanSnap’s “One Button Simplicity” and provides a host of productivity features so that you can keep ahead of the stack with a single touch of the button.
Combining portability and speed to provide ease at fingertips
Regardless of its Wi-Fi connectivity, the iX100 is ultralight weighing a mere 400 grams. Battery-powered operation allows users to scan without being wired to specific locations for mobile usability. Document scanning speeds of 5.2 seconds per page at 300 dpi, even for color documents, also boost the mobile experience.

Refined usability for users

The iX100 is designed for ease of use, and provides various functions to make your daily work easier and simpler.
Quick digitization for various sized documents
With “Dual Scan” function, users can scan 2 small sized documents such as business card and receipt at the same time. Also, even charts and diagrams larger than A4 can be scanned as well. Just fold it in half, scan both sides and the iX100 will automatically stitch it back together.
Scanning a two-side document using Continuous Document Feeding
The “Continuous Document Feeding” function allows users to insert pages one after another without pressing any extra button by detecting when a sheet enters and exits the iX100.
Smooth scanning for various types of documents
The iX100 can scan a variety of papers: from the standard office paper to the plastic ID card.
Scan anywhere you want whenever you want
Connect the iX100 to your computer or smart device (both iOS and Android OS)*1 in your office and at home, using existing Wi-Fi environments with Access Point Connect Mode*2. Connecting is also possible in environments without Wi-Fi using Direct Connect Mode, as the scanner itself functions as an access point.
*1 When using smart devices, ScanSnap Connect Application is required.
*2 Access Point Connect Mode requires a Wi-Fi access point or router.
Best experience with ScanSnap Home
ScanSnap Home combines all your favorite functions into one and is the ultimate platform to utilize scanned data in various ways. Easily manage, edit and utilize data from documents, business cards, receipts and photos with the software. You can scan large volumes of various types of documents from color photos to double-sided landscape documents with a host of intelligent automatic image processing functions.
Connect to ScanSnap Cloud without the PC
ScanSnap Cloud delivers scanned data directly from your ScanSnap iX100 to your favorite cloud services without a computer or mobile device. The software automatically classifies your file type by documents, receipts, business cards and photos, and sends it to the appropriate cloud based on your pre-set profiles.
You simply need to press the Scan button on your iX100. Your scanned data can then be managed within your selected cloud service.


Product Name ScanSnap iX100
Scanner Type Single fed (Straight / U-turn path), CDF (Continuous Document Feeding), Simplex
Scanning Speed (A4 portrait) (1) Auto mode (2) Normal mode Better mode Best mode 5.2 seconds / page
Excellent mode 20.4 seconds / page
Scanning Color Mode Color, Grayscale, Monochrome, Automatic (Color / Grayscale / Monochrome detection)
Image Sensor CIS (Contact Image Sensor) x 1
Light Source 3 color LED (Red / Green / Blue)
Optical Resolution 600 DPI
Document Size (3) Normal Scan Maximum: 216 x 360 mm (8.5 x 14.17 in.) 279.4 x 431.8 mm (11 x 17 in.) with Carrier Sheet Minimum: 25.4 x 25.4 mm (1 x 1 in.)
Long Paper Scanning (4) 863 mm (34 in.)
Paper Weight (thickness) 52 to 209 g/m2 (14 to 56 lb) (Straight path) 52 to 80 g/m2 (14 to 20 lb) (U-turn path) Cards: 0.76 mm or less (Non-embossed), 0.76 + 0.48 mm (Embossed) (ISO7810 Conforming)
Paper Setting Front-side up
Interface (6) USB USB 2.0 / USB 1.1
Wi-Fi IEEE802.11b / IEEE802.11g / IEEE802.11n Frequency band (7): 2.4 GHz
Wi-Fi Interface Connection Mode Access Point Connect Mode (Infrastructure mode) Direct Connect Mode (Ad-hoc mode)
Communication Distance (8) 50 m (Recommended: 25 m)
Security Infrastructure mode: WPA (TKIP / AES), WPA2 (TKIP / AES), WPA-PSK (TKIP / AES), WPA2-PSK (TKIP / AES), WEP (64-bit / 128-bit) Ad-hoc mode: WPA-PSK (TKIP / AES), WPA2-PSK (TKIP / AES), WEP (64-bit / 128-bit)
Easy Installation WPS2.0 (Button / PIN code)
Rated Power (EIRP) +9.7dBm
Power Source Li-ion battery (3.7 V / 720 mAh)
Power Requirement 5 V / 0.5 A
Power Consumption (9) Operating Mode 4.7 W or less
Sleep Mode 2.2 W or less
Auto Standby (Off) Mode Less than 0.5 W
Operating Environment Temperature 5 to 35°C (41 to 95°F)
Relative Humidity 20 to 80% (Non-condensing)
Environmental Compliance ENERGY STAR® / RoHS
Dimensions (W x D x H) (10) 273 x 47.5 x 36 mm (10.74 x 1.87 x 1.42 in.)
Weight 400 g (0.88 lb)
Driver ScanSnap specific driver Windows®: Does not support TWAIN / ISIS® macOS: Does not support TWAIN
Software (11) ScanSnap Home (all-in-one document management software/driver) ScanSnap Manager (Conventional driver) ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap™
Included Items Safety Precautions, USB cable

1. Scanning speeds may vary due to the system environment used. The time is measured between start of document feeding to finish of document output.
2. Scans will be made in “Best mode” if shorter sides are less than 148 mm (5.8 in.) and in “Better mode” if not.
3. Automatically stitch a two-page spread when scanning a folded A3, B4 or double letter size document one side at a time. The image is automatically stitched only if texts or diagrams cover across the two-page spread.
4. Capable of scanning documents that exceed A4 size in length except for ‘Excellent mode’.
5. The number of sheets that can be scanned when connected to a computer via Wi-Fi with fully charged battery. The number of sheets may vary due to the system environment used, usage method and repeated charging.
6. Computer with USB 3.0 will work as USB 2.0 guaranteed only with USB cable provided with product.
7. Frequency may vary depending on country.
8. Communication distance may vary depending on surrounding environment and the access point to be connected.
9. When operating with battery.
10. When chute is closed.
11. Installation and updates require Internet availability. Software/driver updates to the latest versions are recommended.
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