Microtek’s LS-4600T is a scanner exclusively designed for capturing images of objects with large scales, thickness and heaviness. It is equipped with a A0-size scan bed which supports scanning area up to 841 x 1300 mm. With it, it is superbly easy to digitize large-scale originals in seconds. Adopted with a color linear CCD at 600 dpi resolutions, the LS-4600T is able to capture images with superior quality and vivid colors. The LS-4600T is ideal for industries who have needs on digital collections and processors of large-scale originals, such as painting with frames, old and fragile drawings, books and historical picture albums.

Scanning with Contactless Flatbed
The LS-4600T adopts a design of a contactless flatbed which is different from that of a normal scanner. When scanning, the scanned object is placed facing up on the scan bed and the image will be captured by the top scan module; therefore, the scanned object will not be damaged and thus the design is suitable for scanning and digitalizing images of precious, fragile, thick or heaves objects. If the scanned object has a height of more than 5 cm, the flatbed can be lowered down to a proper position.

Adjustable Scan Bed
The LS-4600T is equipped with an operating knob that is used to adjust the height and raising the speed of the scan bed. The scan bed of the LS-4600T can be adjusted to proper positions to scan objects with various heights and thicknesses. The adjustable range for the scan bed is up to 30 cm.

An Optional Vacuum-Chuck Scan Bed
By using a vacuum pump and an independent foot pedal, the LS-4600T is able to suck the scanned target and make it lie flatly on the scan bed. It is helpful for flattening curly, wrinkled, or folded originals when scanning.

Design of One Camera Eliminates Misaligned Effects Caused by Splitting Images
The LS-4600T is adopted with optical elements in high specifications. It is able to capture full-size A0 images by using one lens, which eliminates misaligned effects caused by splitting images generated from two lenses.

Switch-able Two-Way LED Light Source Easily Changes Projecting Effects
According to different requirements of pictures towards projecting effects, the LED light source of the LS-4600T is switch-able and therefore can generate clearly flat images or vividly stereoscopic images. A scan of the two-way LED light source can decrease the shadows generated by folded papers; on the contrary, a scan of the one-way LED light source can stand out stereoscopy of images.

Up to +/- 5 mm Depth of Field (DOF)
The depth of field (DOF) for LS-4600T is up to +/- 5 mm, which is convenient for users to scan thick objects with apparently concavo-convex patterns, such as oil paintings, sculptures, leathers, tiles, or wallpapers, and still keeps scanned images vivid and clear.

Exclusive Scanning Software for Processing Large-scale Pictures
Based on preferences, users can choose the ScanWizard Graph for capturing flat and large-scale pictures; or, they can select the ScanWizard Cubi for capturing stereoscopic pictures. Either of these software programs can provide users with powerful and professional scanning functions and image-editing tools. Users can easily get what they need in several steps.


Item Details
Product Name
Contactless A0 Flatbed Scan Solution(LS-4600T)
Scanner Type
Contactless Flatbed Scanner
Image Sensor Type CCD
600 dpi
Light Source
Scanning Area
841 mm x 1300 mm ( 33.1” x 51.2” )
Scanning Speed
60 sec. @ 300 dpi, A0 Color / Gray
240 sec. @ 600 dpi, A0 Color / Gray
Bit Depth
48-bit ( input )
Connectivity USB 2.0
Supported File Types
Dimensions (L x W x H)
188 cm x 130 cm x 86 cm(w/o trolley)
188 cm x 130 cm x 157 cm(w/ trolley)
* Maximum scanning speed dependent on PC configuration



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