OM 1500 Mikrofiche

Digital genius – the  microfiche scanner with automatic loading system.

Digital genius – the  microfiche scanner with automatic loading system.


Description High-performance filmscanner for microfiche and jackets with automatic loading system
Maximum scan resolution 100 dpi – 600 dpi @ 24X;
100 dpi – 600 dpi @ 48X;
100 dpi – 400 dpi for 35 mm, 24X
CDD camera 8,152 Pixel linear array
Scan mode 12-bit grayscales and b&w
Scan speed Variable depending on fiche and jacket format, up to 200 images per minute
24 x /200 dpi – up to 150 images per minute
42 x /200 dpi – up to 150 images per minute
48 x /200 dpi – up to 200 images per minute
Fiche formats Supports all standard aperture card and fiche types including standard or long jackets: COM, AB Dick and Microx; images can be 16 mm or 35 mm, positive or negative; Diazo, Silver, Vesicular duplicates; cine or comic mode
Electronic controls Continuous automatic scanning or interactive selection of individual images or automatic capture of entire fiche row as an individual image; Real-time automatic pre-scan; automatic microfiche title scan;
Task setup by job or saved in setup file for all parameters for future applications
Viewing and browsing Full or partial screen in real-time or by thumbnail emulating fiche layout. Real-time dual view of bi-tonal and grayscale images.
File formats tiff, jpeg, jpeg2000, pdf, Multipage-pdf, pdfA
Simultaneous output of grayscale and bi-tonal formats; output to single/multi-page, bi-tonal TIFF (G3, G4) and JPEG
Image output (For Quantum-Software see separate brochure) 8-bit grayscale with GAMMA-correction and automatic adjustment of threshold
Operating system Windows 7 and Windows 10 (64 bit only) utilizing Quantum Software, WIN 10 PRO (64 bit), further alternatives on request
PC specification Quality DELL Workstation (Current Specs)
Power requirements 115/240 V, 50/60 HZ AC, 800/W
Dimensions (w x d x h) 838 mm x 457 mm x 483 mm (33 inch x 18 inch x 19 inch)
Weight approx. 59 kg


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