OM Mini

High performance roll film scanning.

Load and go operation.
An easy film transport path and intuitive software makes loading, scanning and rewinding a simple process.

Quantum software.
The OM Mini uses the Quantum software suite for image capture and processing. QuantumScan offers precise framing technology for accurate front-end capture. QuantumProcess offers extensive editing options to meet the exact image and file specifications needed for output.

External PC.
An included external PC ensures maximum flexibility, efficiency and minimized downtime. For added portability and space economy, the OM Mini is also available with a laptop option.

Boasting the smallest footprint of any production scanner on the market, the space-saving design of the OM Mini allows operators to command multiple scanners at once for increased throughput and greater return on investment without an increase in physical requirements.

The OM Mini is ideal for end-users with multiple branches or with projects in different locations. Economically-sized, it can be safely transported commercially or personally in a protective carrying case.


Line array camera/optics
  • up to 12-bit dynamic range with gamma correction grayscale output. Full depth of pixels processed.
  • real-time or post-scan image processing up to 5x the typical processing speed
  • 80 megapixel/second camera; 160 megapixel/second output
  • full 8,192 pixel CCD array for highest true optical dpi in the industry
  • automatic Gain Control (AGC) to optimize image quality while scanning
  • “smoothlight” fiber optic bundle balances lighting across entire scan area;  no hot spots or shadowing


  • 100-600 true optical dpi; 4x-96x reduction ratio


film types
  • 100′ and 215’ roll standard: open spool or 3M cartridge (optional)
  • 16mm/35mm; simplex/duplex; positive/negative
  • Silver, Diazo and Vesicular formats


  • up to 350 IPM: Scans at speeds of 7 minutes per 100’ roll*
Hardware image enhancement
  • real-time image sharpen and enhancement done in hardware; no reduction in throughput


Film control
  • electronically-controlled film format selection for precise positioning of the CCD line array camera and lens; high-speed rewind


Image processing
  • task set-up by job or saved in set-up file
  • single, double or triple level blip code detection
  • full frame image detection
  • simultaneous output of grayscale and bitonal files


  • file types: single/multi-page; bitonal TIFF (G3, G4); JPEG; TIFF uncompressed; PDF compressed (single/multi);  JPEG2000; PDF/A and others


Hardware notables
  • industry-leading production-level reliability
  • includes compatible external PC with monitor and 10 TB storage (laptop option available)
  • well-balanced tension system and precisely placed comfort rollers for gentle film transport  (avoid the dislodging or separating of brittle film caused by pinch rollers)


Technical specifications
  • operating system:  Windows 10 Professional (64 bit only)
  • dimensions (LxWxH): 17 x 16.5 x 7.5 in. (30lbs.) / 43.18 x 41.91 x 19.05 cm (13.6 kg)


*16mm film at 200 dpi, 24x reduction


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