• Robotic and manual book scanning in one device
  • Scanning range way above A2
  • Very high optical resolution
  • Free of IR and UV radiation
  • Virtual 3D technology (V3D)
  • Bidirectional scanning
  • Motorized heavy duty book cradle
  • Prime and consistent scanning results independent from ambient light

The ROBO SCAN 2 is a robotic A2+ book scanner that can handle books up to 35 cm in thickness. Further, the ROBO SCAN 2 operates at a very high optical resolution. For very problematic, rare, or fragile books the robotic function can be disabled and the ROBO SCAN 2 turns into a manual book scanner. This is unique and there is no scanner in the market that combines all those features!


  • Scan format 635 x 508 mm
  • 600 dpi optical resolution over the entire scan area
  • 48-bit color depth
  • IP scanner with individual IP address
  • Motorized, extendable 35 cm heavy-duty book cradle, optionally 50 cm
  • Pressure of the book cradle adjustable via touch panel
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