Robotic Book Scanner ROBO SCAN V2

  • Robotic scanning of books in v-shaped position (120 degree) with and without glass plate
  • Manual scanning of books in v-shaped position (120 degree) with and without glass plate
  • Manual scanning of books in fully opened position (180 degrees) with and without glass plate

The robotic book scanner ROBO SCAN V2 is the most versatile robotic book scanner on the market. It offers the advantages of a robot combined with the convenience of a manual book scanner. The ROBO SCAN V2 was designed for realistic digitization projects where the robotic part can do most of the job but the same scanner is also able to handle problematic books in manual mode.

The robotic book scanner ROBO SCAN V2 is a unique product that offers robotic and manual scanning in the same unit. Moreover, originals can be scanned in different orientations. For best results, the use of a glass plate is recommended. The whole procedure of turning the pages, moving the v-shaped glass plate up and down, and releasing the scan is a fully automated process.

Scanning books without exposing them to any pressure or simply contact-free is also possible. The v-shaped glass can be removed within less than one minute.

The ROBO SCAN V2 also allows you to scan manually. If there is a problematic book that the robotic arm can‘t handle, the robotic function can be disabled and the pages can be turned manually.

In fact, the ROBO SCAN V2 offers even more! It is also possible to change the book cradle from v-shape to flat in order to scan magazines, photographs, maps, or any other single sheet originals.

The ROBO SCAN V2 can be operated via touch panel or optionally with Batch Scan Wizard which is a fast and easy-to-use software solution for professional management of large scanning volumes and jobs. The software increases data throughput and reduces operational tasks substantially. Batch Scan Wizard is ideal for processing large volume scanning jobs but is just as useful for smaller volumes in which more advanced operations like page splitting or extracting specific areas on a document are required.


  • Scan format 420 x 620 mm
  • Maximum resolution 600 ppi
  • 48-bit color depth
  • IP scanner with individual IP address
  • Scan books in 120 degree position up to 150mm thickness
  • Scan books in 180 degree position up to 120mm thick


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