Expand your (virtual) exhibition area by several 10.000 m²!

The TouchInfoPoint presents customized content in an interactive and intuitive way. Create your very own presentation. Thanks to its simple modular design, you can pop­ulate the system with images, videos or documents without any programming skills.

  • low-cost entry into multimedia
  • customized content, such as photos, videos or documents
  • system maintenance without the necessary programming skills
  • user-friendly and simple operation
  • mobile and flexible use
    • complements a permanent exhibition
    • media station in a special exhibition
    • information terminal in the reception area
  • customized system setup:
    • lectern, wall, table system
  • perfectly integrates into your exhibition architecture
  • durable hardware components avoid future service and repair costs

And now the TouchInfoPoint is also available as an accessible version:    

  • Infinitely height-adjustable (stroke 300 mm) and equally comfortable for standing and wheelchair users
  • Suitable for wheelchairs acc. BGG and Guideline BIMK 4712
  • PC is space-saving and access-safe housed in the console housing
  • Fire load calculation with the classification of fire protection classes available


Basic package

Image gallery

  • gallery view with overview page
  • for any number of galleries with unlimited photos
  • subtitle editing function
  • full screen view mode with slide and scroll function
  • Media: jpg, png


  • for any number of films of any length
  • with user-friendly toolbar
  • full screen function
  • Media: mp4, avi, mpg, flv


  • for any number of PDF files with unlimited pages
  • Simply swipe and slide
  • continuous zoom with two fingers
  • Media: pdf

Web browser

  • for any number of websites in kiosk mode
  • with user-friendly browser
  • Media: URL


  • one question with up to four freely editable
  • answers after selecting, the previous answer is displayed as a statistic


  • editable input fields and check boxes
  • can be used, e.g., as a guestbook, feedback, contact or registration form
  • data is stored in a plain text file

Optional add-ons to the basic package

Digitale book

  • enables interactive scrolling of digitized books up to 100 pages
  • Media: jpg


» Optional teaching packages


  • customizable quiz with any number of questions
  • with user-friendly quiz evaluation


  • images can be freely moved, infinite zoom with two fingers
  • multi-touch allows multiple users at the same
  • Media: jpg, png

Memory game

  • own pictures can be integrated
  • dynamic sets are automatically generated from the existing pool of images if there are more than 6 motifs
  • time display and restart button
  • Media: jpg, png

Interaktive map

  • individual points can be created for any graphics
  • additional text and image information can also be stored
  • Media: jpg, png

Configure your system:


  • 24, 32, 42, 46 or 55 inch multi-touch display with full glass surface
  • on request with or without anti-glare coating to prevent reflections
  • other sizes available on request


  • on a lectern or wall, as a table system or integrate into special museum architecture
  • you select the design, materials and colors

Customized add-ons:

  • one-hand speakers, headphones, sensors for further interaction


  • image gallery with subtitle function
  • video player with full screen mode
  • PDF viewer with infinitely variable magnification
  • Digital book
  • jigsaw and memory game with own picture designs
  • web browser to display Internet pages
  • guestbook for interacting with the visitor
  • interactive map with own loaded content
  • integration of own, external applications
  • other modules on request


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