XT7000 HS

XT7000 HS is a flatbed scanner with high scanning speed which is perfectly designed for use in business categories, data processing, and book digitization. Set at 300 dpi, it only takes 2 seconds to scan the material in A3 size and full color. Equipped with a detecting sensor on the lid, the XT7000 HS can start a scan automatically once the cover is closed; thus, it is more convenient for users to start a scan without pressing any physical buttons.

In addition, the top cover is equipped with an assistant hinge, enabling users to lift the cover and stop at an angular position of 30, 70, or 90 degrees. The design is helpful to release the fatigue value of users for they do not have to repeat the actions of opening or closing the cover when scanning large volumes of originals and therefore enhances the work efficiency extremely.

Bundled with the advanced ScanWizard DI software, it provides users with smart scanning and image-adjusting tools. It supports auto-crop of multiple images, directly scanning to save as a file or to print out and OCR, making file management more easily.

Lowers the Lid to Scan Directly
Equipped with a scanner lid detection sensor, the XT7000 HS can start a scan automatically once the scanner lid is closed and detected by the sensor. You can perform scan jobs easily without pressing any buttons or repeatedly clicking the mouse.


Crops Multiple Images Automatically
With this feature, the scanner is able to crop and extract multiple images in just one scan automatically, saving extra time from document scanning and image cropping.


Scan Full Color of A3 in 2 sec
The XT7000 HS takes only 2 seconds to scan a full page of an A3-size document at 300 dpi. The scanning speed remains the same, no matter the color mode is set up as color, grayscale, or B&W, generating constant work efficiency.


No Break Platform
The design of the no-break platform ensures the scan bed to be absolutely flat; therefore, no marks will be left on the oversized document once the lid is closed. Also, it is easy for you to slide the scanned document out from the scan bed and makes a book easier to lie flat on the scan bed, decreasing happenings of blurry images closed to the inner margin of a book.


Switchable Black / White Background
With the use of the black background for scanning documents, the scanner can perform automatic image cropping to fit the original size of the image and correct the skewed image during scanning. With the use of a white background, the scanner can ensure a clear background for the thin translucent paper and thus enhance OCR accuracy.


Segmented Scanner Lid
The scanner lid is equipped with an assistant hinge, enabling you to lift the lid and stop at an angle position from 30 to 90 degrees. The design is helpful to release the fatigue value of users for they do not have to repeat the actions of opening or closing the lid when scanning large volumes of originals, enhancing the work efficiency and extending the service life of the scanner at the same time.


Quick and Smart-touch Button
The scanner comes with a smart-touch button “Scan” which provides you a quick and easy way to launch a scanning function that can be defined through the ScanWizard DI, including scanning to a file, scanning to print, scanning to OCR or scanning to email. All you need to do is simply press the “Scan” button.


Dust Proof Design
Implemented with a dust-proof design to connectors and the top cover, the scanner inside can be protected effectively from tiny dust and sundries and thus is able to maintain a clean environment for image capturing.


Powerful scanning software
Advanced ScanWizard DI offers a host of smart functions and image adjustment controls for scanning. DocWizard is ideal for managing scanned files, it allows you to easily delete, insert, replace, sort, merge, split, and classify files, making file management more efficient.


Simple-to-Use Software Simplifies Routine Office Jobs
Microtek ScanWizard Control Panel is an integrated but simple-to-use software, for it modularizes scan functions used commonly in daily offices. Just clicking a button, you can scan and save the image into a folder, or scan and directly OCR the image into Word, Excel, PDF, or PPT application for further editing. With it, you can start to manage and organize daily jobs as simply as you want.


Item Details
Product Name
XT7000 HS
Scanner Type
A3 flatbed scanner
Image Sensor Type CCD
600 dpi
Light Source
Scanning Mode
Color / Grayscale / B&W
Scanning Area
Maximum: 12″ x 17″ (304.8mm x 431.8mm)
Minimum: 0.5″ x 0.5″ (12.7mm x 12.7mm)
Scanning Speed
2 sec@300 dpi, A3(color)
Bit Depth
48-bit (input) /24-bit (output)
Connectivity USB 3.0
Drivers TWAIN
Supported File Types
TIFF, PDF/TIFF-Multiple Pages
OS Support
Windows 7/ 8/ 10
Dimensions (L x W x H)
24″ x 16.4″ x 5.9″ (610 x 417.5 x 150 mm)
23.6 lbs (10.7 kg)
Power Source
AC 100V to 240V, 50 – 60 Hz (Input)
DC 24V, 2.5 A (Output)
System Requirements for PC
• DVD-ROM drive
• Color display with 24-bit output capability
• 1GB RAM or more (2GB is recommended)
• Intel Core i3 processor PC or higher with
a built-in USB port
Software Included
• Microtek® ScanWizardTM DI
• Microtek® DocWizard
• ABBYY FineReader® Sprint OCR
• Adobe® Acrobat® Reader
• Microtek® ScanWizardTM Control Panel
* Maximum scanning speed dependent on PC configuration



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