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Enterprise Document Scanning and Digitization

We undertake large-scale scanning, digitization, indexing, and transformation of enterprise back-file documents and records into digital documents or content.

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We help businesses transform the information locked up in their paper documents and records into digital information, that is ready for use in their line-of-business processes.

Quick access to business information leads to process efficiency, competitive advantage, business agility, risk reduction and prompt regulatory compliance.

We equally scan and convert data stored on microfilms and other microforms into digital information.

Electronic Data Capture

We undertake data capture from electronic forms or other digital documents. We can capture data from large quantities of electronic documents and index them for easy retrieval.

Sales of Production Document and Book Scanners

We offer sales of high-speed document scanners and production book scanners.

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Our range of document scanners include models that are capable of scanning small size documents like ID cards, standard A4 documents, as well as other large size documents.

Our range of book scanners include models that can accommodate books and materials in A3, A2, A1 and A0 sizes.

We also offer large size flat-bed scanners for materials like maps, engineering drawings, building plans and artworks in sizes of A1, A0 and double A0.

Dreamers & Castles is a partner to top-of-the-range document and book scanner brands like Kodak Alaris, Fujitsu, Avision, ibml, Canon, Epson, Microtek, Colortrac, Rowe, SMA, i2S, Zeutschel, Elarscan, Czur and Eloam.

Enterprise Content Management Solutions

We offer content management software for end-to-end document management, that simplifies document and information capture, storage, search and retrieval, sharing, approval, security, access control, and preservation.

Dreamers & Castles is a reseller partner for OpeenBee enterprise content management software solution.

Document Scanner Maintenance Services

We offer on-site or carry-in maintenance services depending on the size of the scanner and your requirements.

Document Scanner Rental Services

we can provide you with a scanner that meets your particular need and we will take it back once your project is completed.

Digital Mailroom Solutions

We offer the sales of automatic paper mail sorters, openers, and extractors, and high-speed intelligent document scanners, specially designed for paper-mails scanning operations using batch processing.

Document Shredding Services

We offer enterprise-level document shredding services and sales of production paper shredders for in-house document shredding.

Document Visualizers

We offer document visualizers for presentation and training purposes.

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For organizations that digitize incoming paper mails at the point of entry for quick electronic routing, adding a mail sorter, opener and extractor to their mailroom operations will speed up their digital transformation initiatives.

Consultancy Service

We provide consultancy services to assist in the implementation of complete document management solutions. We offer expertise and guidance in areas related to document scanning, capture, indexing, archival, retrieval and management.


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